You may not think of a maypole as more than a pole about 15 feet high that young people holding attached coloured ribbons danced around in the springtime in the Middle Ages in Europe. Here's a modern revival version:

But in the Middle Ages these poles were often 60 or more feet tall. During the Reformation in England a church commission trying to stamp out paganism in the north reported on a maypole 134 feet high.

These were earlier 'sacred' rites. There was a Queen of the May. It seems she was selected to have sex with a male Immortal. There may be echoes of this in the mediaeval feudal system of government where vassals held land in fief and owed a duty of service to their overlord. The overlord or 'seigneur' had a 'droit de seigneur' which was the right to the first night with the bride on her marriage to a vassal.

Maypole celebrations on May day and choosing a queen of the May are very old. Our word May comes from the Greek Immortal, the goddess Maia. She was a daughter of Atlas. Atlas was the son of Iapetus, who was a Titan. The Titans were the 12 earliest Immortals, 6 brothers and 6 sisters. We're told they intermarried to begin the proliferation of their kind here. In the book of Genesis in the Bible, we have Japeth, who is recognizable as, or was named after, Iapetus, the Titan. Japeth was the eldest of the sons of Noah. "by these were the isles of the Gentiles divided into their lands" (Genesis Chapter 10 verse 5). Some of the descendents of Japeth have names that later bacame areas we recognize (e.g. Dodanim - the Dodecanese Islands: Greece). But back to the obelisk.

In North America, why totem poles:

And why thunderbirds, especially thunderbirds on totem poles? In a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation IDEAS series program which was aired May 15, 16, 1995, Maureen Matthews had this to say:

In my conversations with Cree and Ojibwe people over the years, I have always been intrigued by Thunderbirds..... Manitowuk: gods. The Thunderbirds are gods...

But the basic alliance is between humans and Thunderbirds, In mythical times they intermarried, and that makes humans related to Thunderbirds.

I suggest that over time there has been a convergence here. From what we've found so far in this investigation, the Thunderbirds were the 'obelisks', the 'divine cloud birds' the 'vimana'; in other words the vehicles the Immortals used for travel to shrink the width and breadth of time and space. The Immortals were themselves the gods,


There's one more piece of evidence. Bull roarers. A bull roarer is a strip of wood anywhere from 9" - 1 ft long, and about 6" wide;

These were formerly used by Australian aborigines. A bullroarer was so sacred that the womenfolk weren't supposed to know about it, and it wasn't mentioned by name in their presence. The bull roarer was involved in occasional festivals for men only. It had a hole near one end, and its edges were thinned down all around. When tied to a cord about ten or more feet long, and twirled in the air, it gave an unearthly sound. (You can see and hear a demonstration of this in the second Crocodile Dundee film).

The Australian aborigines said it was the sound of the gods. So perhaps this was the closest they could come to the sound of the Immortals' obelisk.