We've traced the various aspects of whatever it was the ancient Egyptians called 'tekhen' and modern scholars translate as 'obelisk,' from the word used by classical Greek writers. We've also followed modern scholars who've translated the ancient Greek poets' wording for the ancient gods and goddesses as the 'Immortals.' We found the Immortals inseparably linked with the obelisk by

1. Africa: Egypt, an 'obelisk' the symbol for the chief god translated as 'Re.'

2. Asia: the Israelites, the Immortal Yhwh and the 'pillar of cloud and fire.'

3.Asia: Sumer, (Din.Gir, or 'divine cloud bird' and 'what follows is about the Immortals.')

4. Early people in India ('vimana' or flying machines used by Indra and the other Immortals there to travel in the sky at 'fantastic speeds.')

5. Europe: ( no surviving written record, but 'standing stones,' and Stonehenge, said to be a temple of Apollo, an Immortal - see my The Mysterious Cursus chapter 5, on the Web).

6. North America: (Ojibwe and Cree: 'manitowuk,' thunderbirds, linking gods and thunderbirds.

7. early Australian peoples ('sound of the gods').

That's evidence in every continent, leaving only Antarctica, which is presently mostly covered with ice and snow, and therefore unresolved as to relevant habitation or evidence.

We've also gained some knowledge about the specifications for the 'obelisk':

1. It travelled in the sky at fantastic speeds (India),

2. It could disappear (India). This pre-dates by thousands of years the 'cloaking device' of Startrek: The Next Generation. Or perhaps the 'vimana' just flew into clouds and so disappeared from the sight of watchers on the ground.

3. The obelisk may have had a detachable nose section (the pyramidion in Egypt, the Din. Gir separation in Sumer, the heavy and light versions in India).

4. The obelisk probably had a shining heat shield covering the nose section (Egypt, the electrum caps on pyramids).

5. The obelisk either could or did produce tremendous heat and cause rivers to boil and cities to burn (India). It's not clear whether this is the propulsion system or a weapon capability.

6. The obelisk used a 'mount' (Israelites) with water nearby (England: see my The Mysterious Cursus chapter 9, Silbury Hill, on the Web.)

7. The obelisk used (apparently) a vertical take-off and landing (Egypt and the Israelites).

8. The obelisk made a sound ((Australia) something like a modern space rocket taking off, a 16 inch shell passing (mercifully) overhead, an approaching tornado, or a freight train.

It's difficult to see, given the distance in time from these events, what additional information is needed to prove that the Obelisk was a type of flying machine used by the Immortals who inhabited this planet temporarily within the last twelve thousand years.

In the first chapter I said that as well as the purpose of the symbol of Re (the obelisk), we would discuss this being (Re) and the meaning of his accoutrements; but that is done in another episode, The Immortals Part 2, the second in The Immortals Series, accessible from the Index page.